Monday, 26 March 2012

" ME" ME" ME"

In a new work  place now with the AFRICA BROADCASTING NETWORK (NTV) Uganda, on a contract ... it sounds woooooh, but takes a lot of hard work, focus and professionalism. this is a starting point as l get to progress to most of the things required of me.

All l know is am dynamic,intelligent and flexible.....but ahahahaha! being the rock star girl, lots of things gat to change like my crazy pants, my ahahahaha! hair styles, my black make-up.thou l promise their is no way am changing ME.

That is one thing am don't going to change ME,well being fashionable               
still play around with the dress sense.. am going to do just That.


Today l spent the whole day, feeling not so good but OK. went out to have my time think think about what next trying to do concentration on how am going to have my life set . 
l always believe God helps me out always thou al have a step and role l have to play......see just like in the bible .."WRITE DOWN YOUR VISIONS ON THE WALL......"
 All the l want to do while touching heaven and changing earth... l have it down now what am doing taking my step to have it set, l cant really so takes of how am going to do all this but am letting God to do figure out for me the segments H.O.W

I need prayers and am praying:
l want to do lot and am multi-gifted so am in ..

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