Friday, 24 February 2012


Hmmm well Am filled with persistence and enthusiasiam as one of my goals 2012 ok lets put it this month which is almost ending,,,, my powerful engines of success.
So whenever l do anything l do it with all my might . putting my soul into it, stamping it wiht my own personaility then let God decide whats next. am even trying not to do anything that l feel; am not in for dedication thou  l have an adventurous spirit , which is always awake.

Wait for the new < WHITNEY GNaj > trying to shorten my name; enterprenuer whose ready for the new world 2012 . l dont know what you think an am ready.
l guess you thinking what am heading into its none other than FASHION AND JEWERLY DESIGNING. bringing out hte AFRICAN ART.

Am about to sent my mother in minnisota.MN now that the new necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and lots more and made.  well l have decided to share with you HAPPY SOUL. will put model pictures for you. PROMISE hahahahaha its fun talkibng to you.


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