Wednesday, 11 January 2012



Hmmm well it iS all cul, you know just finished half of my single a very good rock song. WeLl you know life is with lots of definition its all about how you make it ,my view is follow what holyspirit speaks to my heart ,,and its all good to go.
Well am heading for comedy to have some laughs it 2012..have always done this on Wednesdays. YoU see my boss also has refused to accept my resignation letter.. l dont know wha to say to him anymore ,hes just emailed me again .
How hell no will talk later I lOVE yOu better go foe comedy before its so late for me .,
Am off
Who saYs you can`t go to the beach on aThursday Going there after all there is no work ofr me tomorrow.


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  1. l love this song .....woooh the video is killer.

    THE AFTERS: LIGHT UP THE will like it trust me its cul.